Brother SA179 7mm Pin tuck Foot

Brother SA179 7mm Pin tuck Foot

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  • Pin tuck foot kits comes complete with 2 clearly marked bobbin case covers and a cording guide
  • Grooves on sole plate form perfect pin tucks
  • Customized bobbin case covers for feeding cording into pin tuck as it is being formed and measurement
  • Genuine Brother Made Accessory
  • Use with models BC1000 Duetta 4500D Innovis 40 80500D 1000 1200 1250D 1500D 2500D 2800D 4000D NX models PC 210 QC1000 Quattro6000D ULT models

 Brother SA179 7mm Pin tuck foot or so household Kitchen Features

Our Grooved Pin Tuck Foot. Fits


Brother SA179 7mm Pin tuck Foot

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